Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spring 2010 Trends

Looking for great information regarding Spring 2010 Trends? Be sure to check out It is my favorite website to find all the current information regarding fashion, hair and makeup trends for each new season. The top 10 fashion colors have been revealed for all of us to see!!!! This will help bring a little relief to all the East Coasters snowed in and dreaming of Spring.
More importantly it discusses the Spring 2010 hair trends.
- Long hair inspired by the 1970's.
- Straight long hair

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


beau ti ful
1. having beauty, having qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction. To see, hear, think about, etc.; delighting the senses: a beautiful dress; a beautiful speech

2. excellent of its kind: she has the most beautiful hair

3. wonderful; very pleasing

Sam Brocato and the Vibrastrait iron

Brocato Vibrastrait Iron

Finally - a flat iron that totally fulfills all your expectations!
Its unique combination of heat and vibration means hair glides effortlessly between the plates for smoother, straighter locks. The NEW oscillating movement removes kinks and creases, while tourmaline ceramic plates seal in moisture and keep hair silky smooth for days. With no pulling or tugging, hair damage is virtually non-existent!
Varialble temperature settings can be adjusted for fragile to thick course hair. Rapid heat up, the industry's fastest recovery time and automatic shut-off feature make Sam Brocato's new flat iron an absolute "MUST HAVE!"

So take your hair beyond the the extraordinary!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

nothing like a great testimonial

-" This experience the last couple of days has been amazing to see the whole team come together. I cannot say enough about what it means to me to be invited here for this experience of this MAJOR launch of the Brocato smoothing system. The knowledge in this room is incredible. Some of the most amazing people in this beautiful industry. And when we all get together its like being with a big family, Whether we're new or not to the family. It's such a warm feeling. We are such a team and being a team player is what it is ALL about.

Albany, NY
It has been very inspiring for me to be surrounded by so many enthusiastic Brocato people. In the UK at this moment we are much smaller and I am looking forward to injecting the UK with this buzz of excitement."
Surrey, UK

-"This weekend has been phenominal for me! Learning of such a smoothing system as the Curlinterrupted system -thrills me. I can't wait to go home and show how gentle it really can be to take hair straight and use the system without gloves. "
Chesapeake, VA

Thanks Brette

The Curlinterrupted smoothing system is amazing! I cannot wait to work with it! The gentle ingredients are for the hair AND the stylist. That makes me really want to use it. All the information we have received has been awesome. It will follow through out my career.
Curly hair? Rewrite the rules with Curlinterrupted!!!!!!!! Transform unruly hair into a soft, smooth, sleek sensation.

Thanks Albert!

-" The most impressive thing I've found since being with Brocato is how much of a team we ALL are. It's inspiring to have other hairdressers as people so willing to help and share their knowledge of the business. It is so much more cut throat back in Jersey. Every class I've done has pumped me up to be the best version of myself-not only in life but in the salon too. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be with all the exceptionally talented people in this training. I will go home and work with my distributor and do everything I can to promote and build Brocato! Thanks"

Cranford, NJ

Another HAPPY client!

-" This experience was AMAZING! My hair looks fabulous and has exceded my own expectations. I will enjoy my new hair immensley! The smoothing system did exactly what it said it would. My hair is much smoother and will be much easier to manage. The team was so freindly and fun to be around. Sam Brocato is a master at what he does and it shows in his products /results. I am now a Sam Brocato fan for life! Thank you so much for the amazing experience!"
- Melissa
Red Wing, MN


Smooth and sleek make a comeback!!!!!! Brocato's Curlinterrupted Smoothing and Hydrating Regimen is the go-to solution for today's perfectly straight , shiny styles. Make sure to ask about our Curlinterrupted products now!
- " a dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality" - John Lennon

The dream of our future smooth operators is to change the way we do smoothing services in the salon.

Trevor says- " Brocato's new smoothing system is amazing!!! I can't wait to teach everyone about it! Be prepared to get blown away by the birth of this new and innovative smoothing system!"

Smooth operator in the making

-" It was great to meet the rest of the Brocato team and to be able to work with them. And mostly I am grateful to have Sam Brocato himself here with us to teach us personally. I was able to understand and feel the passion that Sam has. His passion for life and the salon industry made me even more proud to be part of the Brocato team. Thank you for giving me the BEST opportunity to be here. I am grateful and proud how MY life is continuing to grow. YEAH!!!!!!
- Luda
Indianapolis, IN

Future smooth operator speaks

- " These few days have been amazing! To know i'm apart of this innovative, new and exciting growth with Brocato just puts an endless smile on my face. This system I believe will definately change the industry and push Brocato to the top! Thank you for this oportunity!"
- Holly
Indianapolis, IN

A new smooth operator speaks

- " This training has been an inspiration to me to be apart of product launch with Sam Brocato being the person he is. He is a stylist speaking to stylists on a professional level. He allows us to listen and apply educational input easily. Everyone has been comfortable and there is a lot of talent here. Thank you for letting me be apart of this training."
- Catherine
Pelham, NH

Brocato crew

Tanya, Kristin, Jeremy and Lisa posing for the camera. Say "Brocato"

Good Morning from Minneapolis

As a group we are sharing our thoughts of the last two days. We have all been inspired by each other to become better versions of ourselves. The excitement to take our message to the streets cannot be contained. The future smooth operators are going to change the world of smoothing hair. I will be posting more testimonials from our group through out the day.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The beautiful day of learning has come to an end. Whew! good stuff but our brains hurt. We ended the day with some inspirational words from Sam Brocato and David Kunin. "Life is all about the legacy we leave"

-What will your legacy be?

The Brocato Brand......................

The future smooth operators are also being immersed into our product culture. The Brocato brand of haircare products is a cutting edge, styling focused line of cleansing, conditioning, styling and finishing products developed exclusively by Sam Brocato, one of the leading hair designers of our time. Sam's core philosophy is that beautiful hair design starts with the right cut and ends with the use of the right liquid styling tools.
We are sophisticated, classic and designer!
Brocato beautiful - something to believe in.

Brocato - the designer brand

Brocato is a brand of haircare products that have been designed by Sam Brocato and provide you with luxury. This luxurious designer line is an affordable product that will transform your hair.
Sam is not only an amazing hairdresser but he has also been an award winning stylist, award winning business leader, creative director and a NYC salon owner.

- " No matter what you design, make it beautiful, make it WOW, let it take their breath away. That's what good hair design and amazing liquid tools are all about. Transforming the ordinary into something better......maybe even extraordinary." - Sam Brocato

The Brocato team

The Brocato team enjoying a fabulous dinner after the training of future smooth operators.

Cassidy in her own words.

Before, during and after

coloring some hair

We are now coloring our live model with a semi color directly over the smoothing service. How cool is that? I'm still thinking of the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ that can be gernerated in the salon with the new smoothing service and adding a color on the same day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Again, thanks Sam for developing this amazing service.

Future Smooth Operators

The Smooth Operators in action.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another day another dollar

Tomorrow I will be posting the additional revenue a stylist can do a month by incorporating this service into the salon. Easy to apply+amazing results=$$$$$$$$$

smoothing revolution

The amazing day has just ended! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now its time for a few cocktails.

Another smooth operator

Smooth operator

our new smooth operators

Do I need to say anymore? Brocato beautiful - something to believe in!

The smoothing revolution!!!

26 Hairdressers from around the world are about to experience THE BEST smoothing sytem for themselves. Nothing like getiing your hands in it to really appreciate the service. If the ground starts to shake in a few hours its because they will be jumping up and down because they have just discovered the smoothing revolution.

Smooth operator

I think Sam just blew the group away with the new Curlinterrupted Smoothing System. We are honored that he created a safe/non toxic way to smooth hair. He also revealed that the system has a patent pending!!!! This IS the service that the salons have been waiting for since the hey day of the perm. Now get smoothing!!!! be sure to ask your stylist about this amazing new system!

Sam Brocato

The reason we are all here is because of Mr.Sam Brocato. He is a man that truly believes in the beauty industry and most importantly the hairdresser. "I am a hairdresser helping people be the best versions of themselves" - Sam Brocato

The Curlinterrupted Smoothing System by Brocato

The Brocato Curlinterrupted Smoothing System - Infuse your clients' hair with ultra-smooth texture and exceptional shine! Formaulated with a formaldehyde free, thio free, sodium hydroxide free, keratin based solution, this revolutionary NON-TOXIC smoothing system delivers frizz free, radiant results.

What's happening now

All the artsists and educators are spending 5 minutes telling us all about themselves as well as spending 5 minutes in THE room doing the Brocato Idol. Who will be the first Brocato Idol? This is a great group of people that are as diverse as the 5 borroughs of NYC.

Welcome to Minneapolis

Welcome to all the awesome hairdressers that have traveled from 3 different countries and 21 states to learn Brocato's NEW Curlinterrupted Smoothing System. Minneapolis will not be the same with the arrival of all the amazing people. Please check in thru the next 3 days as I keep you posted on this amazing experience.